Show Me

Let me show you, my love
How I feel
With every passing glance
My heart canters and leaps fresh

Let me show you how I feel
After all these years
My love for you, my darling friend
Has only grown stronger

In the dead of winter, you lie with me
Huddled in the warmth of blankets and my arms
Watching the snowy blizzard rage
By the roaring fire

A dear friend you see me
For so long, I’ve yearned for it to be more
I’ve longed for a day
No longer hiding, love shared so pure

For a moment to kiss those lips
I’ve dreamed of a thousand nights
Praying for a day to call you my wife
And me, your husband

Nestled in my chest, holding you so
I’ve never prayed more
When your sweet lips find mine
I beg, please Lord, let this not be a dream

Warmth pours in winding arms
Truth set free from its cage at last
Savouring your sweet words
Protecting your heart, too kind for this world

From the cold, wintry night
Peeling clothes, our bodies laid bare
Every feather kiss, a blessing I thank
Every trace of silken hands

A feeling I long never to end
Lying naked under me
Staring deep in to my soul
Wanting me to love you

Let my show you, my love
Just how much I do


Violet Grey
Copyright, 2018 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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