Teasing him into a mess

I love teasing him.

I love when I can give him pleasure that turns him into a quivering mess.

I’m on top. I sink my hands into the pillows at each side of his head, prop my feet up to balance on my toes and my knees. I can move more smoothly up and down his cock and have more control on how much fills me.

The light on the TV screen on standby is our only light. I know exactly what doing this will do to him. Like most men, he’s especially sensitive around the tip. Slowly, methodically, I slide up and down his cock. He’s lying comfortably on his back, relaxed as he holds my hips, and slides his hands up my stomach to my generously sized breasts hanging down, just out of reach for him to suck on my nipples.

I tease his tip, gently bouncing on the head and taking no more. A low moan hums in his chest, moaning more as I carry on bouncing, before suddenly taking him all the way inside me. He likes that. And I repeat this, again and again. Slowly slide up and down, tease his tip, take him all the way inside me. He doesn’t know exactly when I will take him all the way in, so when I do, it’s a very welcome surprise.

He arches, his moans becoming more desperate, telling me it feels good and that he’ll cum soon. All the while he’s grabbing and sucking on my tits, something always guaranteed to get him off. I love how he’s getting so desperate underneath me, that when he tries to speak he’s practically unintelligible. It’s cute. It’s hot. I want to make him feel good. I’m determined to give him as much pleasure as I can. I might not cum before he does, but I don’t care. I want nothing more than to give him pleasure.

His grip and suction around nipples gets tighter, and he breaks away, staring up at me as his body stiffens. All the while, I’m teasing him with my words.

“Yeah? Are you going to cum? Does that feel good? ” I whisper.

“Yeah… I…” he musters in between moans.

His eyes scrunch closed and he moans, whimpers even, growing louder until he can’t take more and it consumes him. He cums, his chest panting and warm puffs over air tickling my skin as I watch.

He looks so good like this. As he’s coming down from his high he’s dazed, lying there with his eyes closed, his hands on my hips.

With a smile and a devilish little giggle, I lean down to kiss him, getting off him so I can get cleaned up. When I’m done, he’s still lying there, in a zombified, post-orgasmic haze.

*Image – Jack Vettriano

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