I Am Yours, You Are Mine

CONTENT NOTE: Erotic poetry/free verse.

Give me your heart, give me your soul.
I’ve given you mine; now you freely gift me yours.
We place our hearts where our own once lay,
I will cherish it, smother it with my love and affection,
Protect it with my life, my very essence of my being.
I want nothing but for you to be happy,
For us to be happy together,
To tangle between the sheets, my skin slick with sweat against yours,
Feel your hands prowl my skin, give in to your caresses,
Your grabs, pinches, nips, sucks and bites.
Possess me, claim me. I want my scent on you.
I want me to be left on you like lipstick on a collar,
Impossible to forget. Impossible to resist.
Like you are to me.
You are mine, as I am yours.

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