At Her Mercy (Patreon Preview)

CW: Vac bed play. Light degradation. All pet names and acts depicted are by consenting adults in a BDSM scene.

It wasn’t long before he couldn’t move at all.

Cool, thin latex stretching snug over his skin, he is sucked tight into the vac bed, two holes for the eyes, one for the mouth, and one haphazardly cut before to free his cock and balls for her to use and she saw fit.

She closes her mouth around the head, stroking her hand smoothly up and down his shaft as the air was sucked out from around him by the vacuum. Closing his eyes, he surrenders to the near indestructible material holding him still as he leaves his fate up to her. Will he come? Won’t he? Will she fuck him or not? Will she sit on his face and have him use his tongue on her? It didn’t matter what he thought and he loved it. It was entirely up to her.

‘Are you comfortable?’ she asks.

He tries to nod, but remembers that of course, he can’t. That’s the beauty of bondage, especially one as encasing as this. He has to use his words.

‘Feels great,’ he says.

With a smile, she licks along the top of his tip with the flat of her tongue in one smooth stroke. He gasps. She giggles.

‘Tell me your safe words again,’ she says.

‘Yellow and Red.’

That smile that never fails to make him weak at the knees spreads across her cheeks, her eyes darkening.

‘Good boy.’

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