Give Me What I Need (Patreon Preview)

CONTENT NOTE: The following pet names in this story are used by consenting adults in a BDSM style scene. Enjoy 😉 Violet ❤

I love how you beg me to warm your ears with my thighs. I love how you look up at me, on your knees, eyes pleading while you beg me to sit on your face. 

Running my fingers through your curls, I tighten my grip and pull your head back, exposing your throat for me to kiss. Your whimpers are so cute, especially when I stroke your throbbing cock through your underwear. 

‘Miss…’ you stutter. ‘Please… I need it so bad…’ 

How could I say I no? Especially after I’ve teased you for the last half hour, making you watch me come but not able to touch me? 

‘Well, since you’ve been so good.’ I kiss your lips. ‘Lie down.’ 

Read the full flash fiction on my $3 Patreon tier .

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*Image credit – Pinterest/Tumblr

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