One day at a time

It’s been difficult to write this week.

If you’ve been keeping up with my updates on Twitter, my boyfriend is in hospital with COVID19, which he tested positive for when going in for an already scheduled surgery on ruptured abscess #3.

The pain in his hip has since been diagnosed, which he is currently receiving pain medication for. The Osteo docs will make a further plan of action, as he recovers from this surgery and is being treated for Covid.

I got tested, which came back negative, but I’m in quarantine until the 16th. So as you can imagine, writing has been a bit beyond my brain capacity these last few days.

So with this, as for all of us, has not been the greatest start to the new year, talking to family over the phone and you lovely people has been keeping me going of late. So, for that, I want to thank you.

Since the start of this year, given the dumpster fire that was 2020, I’ve been adament on following the ‘one day at a time’ train of thought.

Let’s face it, 2020 proved to us that anything can happen, and the first week of 2021 has been no different. We are back in national lockdown in the UK, and my heart goes out to the Americans after seeing the terrible events at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Right now, I’m trying getting back into my usual routine. It’s not easy and obviously there are more things to consider now while my boyfriend is being treated. What isolation measures need to be put in place when he can come home if it’s needed, getting medicine delivered instead of going to the pharmacy until quarantine ends etc.

So yeah, things are very up in the air and we don’t know what’s happening from one moment to the next. I just keep telling myself: one day at a time.

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19 thoughts on “One day at a time

    1. Thank you Libre xx
      He’s getting there slowly but surely but he’s in a lot of pain and the Covid, while he’s lucky it’s not severe so far, has completely steam-rollered him. He’s in his early 30s and in pretty good nick, so it goes to show even more that this virus is not something to be blasé about. x

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    1. Thank you Michael ❤ Fingers crossed he should be able to come home this weekend, pending further visits as an outpatient as the Osteo doctors are super busy with a lot of people right now.
      Thank you. It was nothing short of a miracle I tested negative, but we still need to be careful. I'll be isolating from him for at least a few days to be safe x

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  1. Robert Bittner

    I picture you looking like Atlas with the world on your shoulders. We are your loving ropes trying to ease that burden, buoy it for a moment so you can catch your breath, look around, zen for an instant. Best wishes. May introspection and inspiration guide you.

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    1. Thank you Robert x It can feel like that at times, but I have to remember my circumstances could be worse, so I have to be thankful for small mercies while we plough through to get back to some normality x


  2. The times are difficult. And all the difficulties and problems did not disappear when turning over the calendar sheet with the inscription 12/31/2020. But we must continue to live and fight. There is no other way.

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    1. Thank you Simon x He came home for a few days but has been back in hospital since Friday for leg surgery. He’s recovering from Covid, but as you can imagine, he gets out of breath quiet easy now, and he’s been one of the luckier people

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      1. Thank you Simon.
        He’s home now and fully recovery will take a while, having a titanium rod put in his leg bone. At the moment boredom is the biggest fight for him, as he’s very much someone who always needs something to do! 😂


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