Goodbye 2020. Let’s see what 2021 brings

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been an absolute dumpster fire of a year.

Covid19, political and civil divisions, even more systemic racism (which unfortunately in the year of our Lord 2020 is STILL alive and well) job loss because of the virus and multiple lockdowns (or as is the case in the UK, anyway), it’s suffice to say all of us can’t wait to see the back of this truly awful year.

However, we’re far from out of the woods. Here in the UK, most of the country is back in a lockdown in all but name, or ‘Tier 4’ as the Government calls it, after relaxing rules somewhat around the holiday season and discovery of a new variant of Covid19 leading to a massive spike in cases. So much so, it makes the amount of confirmed cases in March and April look like a bloody tea party.

It’s difficult not to vent frustration, anger and flat out despair at what’s going on, in amongst trying not to contract the virus. As well as worrying about myself and my family with this virus, my boyfriend has had two surgeries this year for abscesses in his legs, now looking at more surgery after finding another abscess, along with a possible hip bone infection that may need surgery as well.

Poor guy just can’t catch a break lately with this. He’s in some sort of pain pretty much all the time. Plus, after a massive admin error on the hospital’s part regarding scan results and more tests that never got scheduled when they should have been, things have been quite stressful in that department. I just want him to be well again and not in pain.

One positive is that me and my loved ones are still here and kicking. Hopefully, I can say that this time next year. In amongst the trash heap that has been 2020, trying to find some positive things to talk about can be a little difficult, but I’ll try my best:

  • I’ve made some more sustainable swaps this year. Not as many as I would like, because of the pandemic, but when all said and done any change is better than none at all. I was able to start using a reusable water bottle, bamboo toothbrushes, not buying as much crap I don’t need and reusable period products (1 year update coming soon).
  • I’ve been able to get some more articles published, working with some fantastic bloggers and companies.
  • I got my first paid partnership on this blog earlier this year.

So there’s some positives. 2021 offers some opportunities for fingers crossed, some positive change. For example, rolling out vaccines and kicking ‘The Donald’ out of the White House (begone, Orange Fascist!) but we’ve still got a long way to go before we’re out of the woods.

Until then, as always: stay home, stay safe, wear a damn mask.

Here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020. Let’s see what 2021 brings

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  2. Robert Bittner

    And from state side, YES! over half of us are thankful the demagogue is leaving, but his carnage & Senate control will take years to overcome,. COVID19 just prolongs the pain that his lemmings and denialists seem to live for. Love, love & more love for you & your amazing writings and compilations that have gotten us through.

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    1. Robert, that has put such a smile on my face ❤ Thank you xx I'm very humbled that it's been helping you get through these times. Without my online friends and writing on this blog, I'd be losing my mind.
      You're right, it will take many years (especially with a majority conservative Supreme Court) to overcome. It's definitely lifted the lid on some of the worst in people. x


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