Release Me! Stress Orgasms

I’ve had a lot of stress orgasms recently.

A stress orgasm, you ask? When you’re stressed, tense, got pent up energy in you and perhaps, you’re a bit horny, and you just need that release. The build up of pleasure followed by tension leaving your body, done for however long, or however many times, you need to before you feel better.

Yeah, I’ve had a few of those. With the recent weeks of my boyfriend having to have a second round of surgery on his leg, (he’s back home and up and about now), rising COVID19 cases in the UK to where we’re now having another lockdown, and the anxiety surrounding the US election (at the time I’m writing this, results are still coming in), you can imagine I’ve been a little tense.

Imagine if you will, my orgasms inside my body, all tense and clenched up screaming, ‘Release me!’ like a movie supervillain.

So Election Day rolls around. I don’t live in the US, I live in the UK. That being said, I do get quite invested in American politics, especially given how the last four years has gone. Woowee, what a roller coaster! That, on top of everything else and I can’t do a damn thing. I want to write, can’t. I want to sleep, can’t. I want to relax, can’t. It’s just not happening.

I’ve got so much pent up tension in my body. Also, due to boyfriend’s surgery, sex has obviously been been off the table while he heals up (seriously, they had to take a giant chunk out of his leg with this abscess. Sex was the last thing on our minds!) and I’ve been neglecting myself on the *ahem* self-love front because so much has just been going on.

Yesterday, I decided to make some spare time for myself. I needed a stress release so badly. So, headphones in, audio erotica on, and away I went. Usually, when I need the ‘stress relief orgasm’, it builds up to one big orgasm, or multiple ones, usually two or three until I feel well and truly relaxed.

Oh, but these ones.


Five wonderful, sweet, powerful orgasms that were exactly what the doctor ordered.

Tensing my legs, my toes pointing and curling, short bursts of air panting upwards as I lay on my back, clutching the sheets, imagining being fucked hard from behind or riding cowgirl, fast, hard, craving the release I desperately needed, to feel the calm, relaxing afterglow and melt languid into the sheets.

Honestly, I felt like I’d had a fully body massage after running a marathon. It felt so good! And let me tell you, I felt a lot less anxious and could actually think clearer too! 😂

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