Speculative Erotica Week 2: Dystopia & Class Schedule

Week 2 is upon us! 

This week, as part of my 8-week Speculative Erotica Series, I’ll be looking at the intersection of erotic and sexual themes in dystopian fiction, including:

  • Classic dystopian titles and themes.
  • Sex in dystopia.
  • How sex-positivity is generally seen as an act of rebellion in dystopian worlds.
  • How to intersect an erotic plot in a dystopian landscape. 

Register here to attend the class on Thurs 27th August at 10PM BST/5PM EDT. See you there! 



As promised, here is the schedule for my ongoing series of writing classes, exploring erotic themes in the various genres that encapsulate Speculative Fiction 😊

As you can see, weeks 5-8 times are to be determined due to the time difference changes that come with the autumn/fall season. The schedule is here so you can see what I’ll be teaching and if you want to attend 😊 I’m currently sorting out the registrations to post so watch this space. 

Also with my classes, you do not have to use your camera (classes are via Zoom) if you do not wish to to protect your privacy. I do so for that reason, so no judgement here. When registering, please read the House Rules. 

As always, classes are free of charge with the option to donate to my Ko-fi page. This helps me be able to continue my writing currently and host classes (as you can imagine, they take a lot of time and work to put together) and aid in reaching towards more long-term goals such as updating my blog with commissioned artwork. 


Thanks very much and see you in class! 

Violet x


*Image – Boredpanda.com

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