My different orgasms

In case you haven’t noticed already, I love orgasms. All of them: me having orgasms, my boyfriend having orgasms, seeing orgasms, hearing orgasms, the whole shebang. Orgasms are pretty awesome. Even if I don’t have sex, I’ve found getting myself off, orgasm or no in fact, can be a great stress reliever, help me sleep, clear my head and help if I have a headache. Pretty cool!

There’s no one cookie-cutter way to have an orgasm. Everyone is different. Usually we expect the loud moaning, screaming our lover’s name, exactly like we see on screen. But that’s not always the case, and it can happen all too often that people think may think they’ve had the ‘wrong kind of orgasm’ as it’s either not what they expected, or what they’ve seen in movies/porn.

Not to shame or trash talk porn performers and their orgasms by any means. But as I’m sure most performers will tell you: every orgasm is different, and they are professionals performing a fantasy for our viewing pleasure. And as many of us have found out, by one way or another, what we see can be very different to the everyday relationship or sexual encounter.

Every orgasm is different for every body. Here are some of mine:


Yes, I know that sounds like I’m about to take a bath but I promise, it’s an orgasm. But orgasms in the bath are awesome too…just thought I’d mention that…

This is the one where there’s no spasms, no contractions, just a pleasant, tingly rush throughout my body. It’s like that ‘feels so good’ feeling when you get all cosy after a long, hard day. Mmmmmm…


This one’s pretty self-explanatory. One of the best and sure fire ways for me to orgasm is through clitoral stimulation, and this orgasm is good. I feel my vaginal muscles contract as my orgasm comes. Each contraction sends pulses permeating through my body from between my legs. My body takes on a mind of its own, moving and rocking in tandem with each pulse until I’m a flushed, hot mess. Cue the bursts of heavy breathing and hushed moans.


This is one of my favourites. All too often we can think if our orgasms aren’t loud and uncontrollable, something’s wrong. From first-hand experience, I can vouch otherwise, at least for myself anyway.

Some of the best, most powerful orgasms I’ve had are the quiet ones, where you’re all snuggled up in bed and just focusing on how good it feels, and you get completely overtaken by this orgasm when in comes. The pleasure is gentle and honey-sweet. It’s the serene, sleepy Sunday morning sex of orgasms. It’s a sensual rush that just makes me want to get all snuggly (even more so than I do after sex!) afterwards.


This orgasm can happen with any of these others. This is where my orgasms quite literally ripple through me, one right after the other, no breaks in between. It’s the multiple orgasms (which are also great) I can have but without the breather. This one is merciless in the most delicious way.

I’ve experienced ripple orgasms through clitoral stimulation in masturbation often, but never through sex until a few years ago. That desperate ‘I need you’ sex with the clitoral stimulation together? *chef’s kiss* I couldn’t control my movements or noises, and felt so good at one point I thought I was going to pass out if I had more orgasms. So yeah…pretty good!


This is the ‘oh my God, I’ve been possessed by a nymphomaniacal sex demon, and I love every minute of it’ orgasm. I can’t hold back, I’m screaming, groaning, growling, moaning and when the peak of the climax hits, I feel like I’ve seen Valhalla. I may even cry it feels so good.

It’s one of those that can include g-spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, anal play, sometimes all three. It depends entirely on the mood, position, circumstances etc. Either way, when a ‘screamer’ happens, you know about it!

6 thoughts on “My different orgasms

  1. All of mine are screamers. Guess I am that kind of guy.
    Thank you for categorizing your Big O’s. Made me realize women can have different
    types of happy endings and I am certain each one is delightfulo in its own way.

    How are you Sweetie?

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    1. Ohh get you, mister! xD There’s many different kinds and I was one who would often wonder if I had an orgasm because I wasn’t screaming my head off, despite it feeling really good (performance anxiety can be a heartless bitch), but throwing that way of thinking out, or at least working on it, is very liberating 🙂 I’m not doing too bad thank you, sweating like crazy and a bit grumpy because of the heatwave here. High 20s is too hot for me! How is everything going with you lovely? How’s your recovery coming along? x

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      1. Oh, the heatwave has been brutal. Especially since we hare experiencing the Sahara sands in out skies.

        Recovering well. Feeling strong. Haven’t returned to blogging because I have two doctors disputing what I should do next.
        It appears as if open heart surgery is next.
        But i am good and happy.

        Will return on Monday. Even if its for a month or two until another possible surgery.

        I will hit you up this weekend with more details.

        In the meantime, I continue to live in quaratine. Things are getting bad here in Florida, so I take every precuation.

        Hope you and yours are well. I imagine all is good if you are discussing orgasms.

        BTW. Love the post. One of my favorite subjects. Okay, okay. Who am I kidding. It’s my favorite subject.

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      2. Heatwaves I absolutely hate. Never liked heat since getting heatstroke back in 2013, it was rough.
        That’s understandable, when all said and done your health always needs to come first. Which surgery was it that you had if you don’t mind my asking, was it a bypass? It’s important to make sure your heart gets the best care possible, but it’s good that you’re happy. Stress is not good. I’ve heard about Florida and was wondering how you were doing in amongst it all. People can be so selfish not taking proper precautions can’t they? We have the same here, people have been flocking to the beaches with no social distancing and most places are opening back up by next week. I feel a second wave is all but inevitable soon.
        We’re all doing ok so far thanks, but with the aforementioned I can’t help but worry, especially with the Mr. returning to work next week.
        Thank you, I’m happy you like the post and always look forward to your comments 🙂 And of course it’s your favourite subject, I never would have guessed! xD xx

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      3. I am headed for a double bypass. I have two arteries that have pretty much stopped doing their job. It is what it is. They tried to use stents and balloons to get these arteries are too damaged, So on to the next step.

        Hey, they opened things up here and everyone stopped using masks. I still wear masks and gloves and I carry sanitizer when I have to do my food shopping. Other than that I don’t go out.
        People don’t seem to understand there is a pandemic going on.

        Will write you this weekend with details.
        Missed you. Be well. Stay safe. xo

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      4. I see. I hope all goes well for this surgery, keep resting and takin it easy 💜 Email whenever you like, I look forward to hearing from you 😊
        Whenever I’ve had to go out to pick up my medicine (boyfriend has been braving the supermarkets) most folks have been wearing masks. I’m getting one with a filter and valve instead of all disposal ones and getting some gloves as well, again apart from that I don’t go out. Unless it’s for a walk but it’s just been too hot recently, so I’ve been just working out inside.
        Missed you too love. You stay safe as well, lots of hugs 💜


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