COVID19 Update: Full-time smutting and Writing Lessons for offer

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, I’m now taking all my work online. The prospects in my vanilla job, my primary source of income, have all but disappeared for the foreseeable future. And as I work on a casual contract based on mutual availability (it gives me the flexibility to build up my smutlancing profile) I don’t get statutory pay, sick pay etc. like others in your typical Mon-Fri 9-5 jobs can.

Therefore, to keep earning through these times, I’m going all in with sex blogging. I’m changing a few things up and updating things I’ve been neglecting. I’ve been all but absent on Patreon for a couple of months now due to time constraints and honestly, unsure of what I can offer, and for that I apologise unreservedly, and in the process of renewing my page. I’ll let you know when it’s back up and running.

As well, if you’ve seen on my Twitter and Fetlife profile, on Thursday 26th March between 5-6PM I will be hosting my first webinar. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and well, now’s a good a time as any I suppose! Also, I know there are people who are unable to go to planned writing lessons or talks, and I hope I can offer the knowledge I do through my Masters Degree in Creative Writing, to help and encourage other writers.

The webinar is called Hot Shot: Creating Erotic Flash Fiction. If interested, please consider registering your interest here.

The webinar will also be no webcams in order to protect fellow bloggers and writer’s anonymity.

The class is $10USD (around £8.49GBP) and I’ll be covering multiple topics from crafting your atmosphere, characters and what sexual, or non-sexual erotic act can be the selling point of your fiction and how to do it. I’ll also be answering any writing questions about the topic that you can send me. I want to keep the classes accessible and affordable to people while still being able to pay my rent. If in doubt I can offer a discount code if you need it.

If all goes well, I’m thinking about hosting a different lesson every week teaching people how to write erotic fiction.

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t like the idea of charging money for these things. I was worried you’d feel like I’m taking advantage of an adverse situation to earn some extra money, or that I’m being some kind of sympathy case. That’s not what I’m about. But as I mentioned before, coronavirus has basically backed me into a corner on the work front, and this is one of the ways I can still work and earn some living and pay my rent, along with writing erotica of course.

Alternatively, if you like what I do and wish to support my blog and help me to commission custom artwork for the blog, and in general help me keep the lights on, please consider supporting me on my Ko-Fi page here.

I hope you all are staying well and keeping safe. Violet xoxoxo


EDIT: As of 22/03/2020 the webinar now offers a 20% off discount when you enter the code VIOLET20 

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