Use me however you like

Sometimes, I like to be used however he likes. While I tend to be the submissive partner in the bedroom (both vanilla and kink related), there are those days where I want to be completely submissive to him.

I mean in this sense: Where I just need him and my approach is, ‘you can have me however you like, I’m all yours. Just for the love of God, fuck my brains out.’

When I’m in these moods, I’ll let him move me however he likes and has completely free reign on what he does. Whatever he wants, I’m in the mood for it.

You want to make slow love to me? Great.

You want to pin my arms above my head and put my legs up so I’m completely at the mercy of your thrusts? Awesome.

You want to bend me over the kitchen counter and fuck me rough? Go for it.

One of the things that he really loves (and me too!) is when we’re going at it and I’m still, completely surrendering myself in this ‘I fucking need you to take me’ headspace.

Honestly, this stemmed from a middle of the night, half asleep romp a while back, when I really wanted to get hot and heavy but was just too tired to do anything I usually did. So I was just like ‘I’m knackered but I’m horny. You can do whatever you like with me.’

Turns out, that’s pretty hot.

I loved hearing him groan and moan as his hands roamed freely all over me, completely dominant. He was loving it.

‘I love it when you just take it…’ He groaned. He came hard, really hard, and it felt so bloody good knowing I was the one that did that.

There was something so vulnerable and well, naughty about letting a man do whatever he liked to me. Everything is heightened all the more than usual, I get that delicious warmth in my limbs of a desperate sexual hunger being satisfied. It’s a space where I can fully let go and submit to him sexually, giving myself to him in a way I wouldn’t have done with anyone else. I’m being completely vulnerable and open, and it’s safe and loving.

It feeds into some of the submissive sexual fantasies I have about being completely dominated and with it being between consenting partners in a loving relationship, I know he won’t do anything he shouldn’t.

It’s a fun one to do if you’re tired but too horny not to fuck. But generally, I love to move, grind and go with the flow of the sex I’m having at the time.

But sometimes, I just need my guy to take me and take me for everything I’ve got until I’m a subby, satisfied mess. 😉


All my love,

Violet xx

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