The Sex Dream Diaries #3: You’re MARRIED?!

So this one was an interesting one to say the least!

I dream I’m at some kind of informal business event. We’re at a hotel where drinks and celebrations are going on until the early hours and the party is in full swing. Drinks are being had, there’s music and dancing and everyone’s having a jolly good time.

I quickly become friendly with a man at the bar, whom I seem to know well but this is the first time we’re meeting in person.

He’s with his wife and they’re the sweetest people. He’s got the most incredible sense of humour and she exudes a graceful way I wish I had an even an iota of. The party that’s been organised goes on for the entire night, finishing around 6-7am the next morning.

Long story short, me and this guy (around 20 years older than me, so mid-fourties) are really getting along. So much so we decide we’d like some *ahem* alone time together. I know what you’re thinking: What the hell are you doing?! This guy’s married!!

In my moments of lucidity in my dreams, I was thinking the same thing. But turns out, him and his Mrs. had a very open arrangement. So much so that the wife was up for joining in on the action later that night if I was up for it.

She encourages her husband to take me out on a date (where to? It’s 1am I was thinking) and she offers me one of her dresses that she’s packed with her to spruce up. I accept her offer and just as we’re about to head out, we change our mind as I’m quite tired. He offers for me to go back to the room/Airbnb place they’re staying at and I accept.

I understand when we get to said room, sexy time will ensue. And boy does it! I get to the bed and he flips me on to my front. There’s a mirror by the wall so we can see exactly what’s going on. He hikes my skirt up, knickers off, and starts running his fingers over my pussy before using his fingers inside me. It feels really good. 

‘You going to be a good girl for me?’ he asks, getting a fistful of my hair and making me look in the mirror at our reflections. He’s loving it and so am I. He knows exactly what he’s doing and I’m turning to mush with how he’s working his fingers inside me. This guy’s good and he knows it. Without any hesitation or it feeling strange, I say this:

‘Yes Sir.’

He smiles.

‘That’s a good girl.’

He lies me on my back, continuing to finger me as he well, takes charge in a way that gets me incredibly excited and into a submissive headspace. Then his wife came in, whether or not she joined in and there was a huge sexy time there I honestly can’t remember.

Dreams, eh?


All my love,

Violet xx



*Picture – Pinterest

7 thoughts on “The Sex Dream Diaries #3: You’re MARRIED?!

  1. Tom

    I find it amazing how some folks can remember their dreams in so much detail. I dream a lot, all the time, every night. When I wake up in the middle of the night after a vivid dream (when I am still half-dead) I know that my recollection is vivid, and if it was a good deeam, I want to be able to remember it in the morning. But tough luck, I never do. At best I am left with the general “mood” of the dream, be it bad or good. Even with erotic dreams, I may wake up with a stiffy or even my hand wrapped around it, but the details are always gone. Grrrr…. 😂

    A very nice dream Violet, do you dream of sex a lot? I don’t. And never after very active “real life” sex or Femdom sessions with my Wife.

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      1. Tom

        I really wish I could recall my dreams better. Some of them would make for good stories (sex or no sex). I know that because sometimes the feeling left by the dream lingers for more than a day. It can be fear, lust, desperation, joy,… Sometimes I can remember a protagonist or two, but no details sadly.

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      2. I too am privy to the ‘I’ll not write it down now I’ll remember it later’ then I forget. Happens every single time I want to get it down and don’t right that instant! 😂


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