Switching up our routine

Rituals for me have changed over the years depending on my circumstances at the time. Either I’ll go to the library on Mondays instead of Wednesdays, or write on the weekends instead of the weekdays etc.

Back in college and during my BA at university, my routine was a lot of more stringent, which at the time I thrived under. Now with the MA and being self-employed, I have some more flexibility.

That can be a blessing and a curse depending on how anxiety is deciding to manifest, from thanking my lucky stars I can be my be own boss for the most part, or panicking about finances as we all know, freelancing doesn’t necessarily come with the security of a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. So as far as routine and rituals go, it’s a constantly ever-evolving entity, so to speak.

One little ritual me and my boyfriend have is that once or twice a month, we’ll go out for lunch/dinner at one of our favourite restaurants that’s a bit more expensive as our little treat. He works pretty long and erratic hours, so when he does get his two days off per week, it’s nice to do a little something together.

Now the weather’s nicer, we might go out into the country for a bit, read our books in nature which we both really enjoy etc. But there’s something to be said about getting a little more dressed up than usual and going out for a meal in a place that means a lot to you both.

One of them in a Korean restaurant with some of the most delicious Dim Sum, soups and bibimbaps you’ve ever had. When we go out like this, usually he’ll pay. It’s one of his many ways of looking after me and he enjoys doing it. While it may be appear traditional to some, for me it feels nice that he likes to do that for us.

Over the course of our relationship so far, a system has formed on this front. If on the occasional time we’ll order takeout, we take turns in who pays. If we’re going out to a restaurant, usually he pays. So I can still treat him within my budget to a pizza if he’s had a hard day at work, and he treats me by taking us out within his.

Yesterday, I took him out. A few weeks ago, I asked him if he wanted to see the third John Wick film that’s just been released. Being the huge Keanu Reeves fan that he is, he naturally said yes! And after a particularly stressful few weeks at work, I wanted to treat him like he treats me when we go out.

I paid for the tickets, he paid for the food, and we enjoyed a really nice afternoon together. Especially watching a film with two of his favourite things: Keanu Reeves kicking ass in an action movie and adorable doggos! He had a massive smile on his face the rest of the day, showering me with more hugs and kisses than usual and saying he really enjoyed it. Must have done something right!!

While we do have our little routine and rituals that makes us happy and work for us, it is nice to switch things up a bit!


All my love,

Violet xx

*Picture – Pinterest

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