Up kink creek with a paddle

I was lying down in bed as me and my boyfriend are winding down for the night. I was lying on ‘his side’ of the bed, so when he lifted the covers, I took it as my cue to scooch over while he got into bed.

Then I felt something caressing against the backside of my pyjama bottoms. His hand? He usually does some multiple acts of butt-appreciating throughout the day. It’s too smooth for a hand. I turn around and see what it is.

He’s massaging my pyjama bottomed ass with the paddle we talked about experimenting more with. Immediately I got excited. What’s he going to do?

I lie there as slowly he starts to swat.

“Remember to warm up, or it’s really going to hurt.” I say.

“Don’t worry. It’s ok.” He reassures me, massaging against in circles with the leather.

He does a few swats through my pyjamas, before pulling them and my knickers down. It stings more against bare skin, with some light swats and some harder. But every time he rubs the sting away with the leather before swatting again.

I can hear him getting more excited. He grabs my cheeks in his hands, kissing them before spanking me a little with his hands. I have to say I prefer his hands to the paddle. While I enjoy the paddle, his hands don’t sting as much.

Throughout this, he’d put his hand in between my legs, softly circling my clit with his thumb. I tried my best to empty my mind and be wholly present in the moment, not worrying whether or not I’ll orgasm and to just lose myself in the pleasant sensations.

After a little bit of spanking, letting him pleasure me like he did, I needed him right there and then. The PJs came off as did his sweatpants. As he reached down to the bedside table draw to get a condom and the lube, I took his cock into my mouth. How he gasped was just…unff!! *fans self*

I ran my lips and tongue over him, massaging his balls as I took him into my mouth again. I love how he had my hair in his fist, lightly face-fucking me as I rested my hands on my thighs, taking him as deep as I could.

It brought on my mood of “I want you to just take me.” I wanted to be completely used and made love to in my sexually submissive headspace.

I lay on my back while he fucked me, letting his hands roam down from my hips up to my boobs, squeezing and kissing the nipples.

If I could encapsulate it in one word it would be: Exquisite. Everything about it. From the intimacy of the entire act itself to the naughtiness of trying more kinky sex. The sweet pulses between my legs and rushing to my extremities as we climaxed at the same time were just luscious.

Suffice to say, I was a gooey pile of jelly afterwards πŸ˜‚ And yes, I’m definitely down for more paddle experimentation.

Masturbation Monday


All my love,

Violet xx


*Picture – Pinterest

17 thoughts on “Up kink creek with a paddle

  1. collaredmichael

    Sounds fantastic!! Glad you had fun. My Queen tends not to warm up with the paddle. Then again she is punishing me! So it is supposed to hurt!😜

    Liked by 1 person

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