The Sex Dream Diaries #2: A smooch with the spy

Yes I know that sounds like a really tacky title for an old school romance, but my dreams!

So, we begin this particular dream by being in a quaint little village in the country. A gentleman with an aristocratic title whose family owns the surrounding land, situated by a nearby stately home, is getting engaged.

He is engaged to a meek and sweet hearted woman from another country. Their work is wholesome, they’re perceived to be a good match and are well liked among those that live in the little village. As they’re going to live in the village itself, they’ve decided to get married there too, where they’ll have their happy ever after in one of the cottages.

Now I think I’m one of the people involved in this guy’s security (if memory serves) and the night before the wedding, his fiancée has run away on a plane back to her home country.

While it appears she has jilted her future husband, a bombshell is dropped. The gentleman’s seemingly meek bride-to-be was actually a spy, assigned to get close to him and infiltrate the family.

We’re with the gentleman in his home in complete shock. He however, is not in the least bit surprised. Their apparently gushy relationship wasn’t as so behind closed doors, where she was cold and ‘off’.

Then cue another bombshell: He is a spy as well, knowing full well of her intentions and assigned to counter them.

So from the impression I have in this dream, he and I have known each other a while and chemistry has certainly been there. But you know, non-single men are off limits because infidelity: No no!

But in light of this revelation, him and me are in his cushy rococo style penthouse overlooking a glorious bedroom, when he pulls me to him and starts kissing me. *EASTENDERS DRUMS!!!*

Kissing a handsome, suave gent with a heart of gold and resembling Armie Hammer, I was NOT complaining!

So, one thing was leading to another, both of us getting frisky on his couch. My hand was running down to his crotch, massaging, it was rock hard.

I started to straddle him, with clothes starting to come off and then…

I wake up.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?!

Oh well, maybe next time! 😂



All my love,

Violet xx



*Picture – Pinterest


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