Normal People, planning and Eroticon

I’ve been a busy busy bee over the last few days and as the MA gets more intense with dissertation trimester coming in the spring, things will be even more so. But right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like having things to do, particularly things I enjoy!

This week’s instalment of class was particularly interesting. We were covering Normal People by Sally Rooney, which last year was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. It’s a brilliant read and I highly recommend it, but just a heads up as it does deal with some very difficult themes which I myself found incredibly anxiety-inducing.

One of the many themes in the book is sexual masochism and the female protagonist’s manifestation of thus, linked with her being on the receiving end of an abusive home life. It’s an insightful take into this young woman’s mental health and her masochistic nature, wanting someone to hurt her because she feels she deserves it.

Through Twitter, I came across a newspaper article written by a journalist about ‘why do women write about rough sex?’. Like the original poster, I also had a qualm about how safe, sane and consensual sexual masochism was essentially being conflated with rape, sexual assault etc. While sadly in the book, the female protagonist’s state of mind regarding this is the result of some incredibly traumatic experiences, this is not the case for everyone and I found it frustrating that consenting sexual acts was being lumped in with abuse. It is ok for women to enjoy consensual rough sex with their partners simply because, without it being representative of abuse or mental health.

The seminar covered so much ground and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m loving studying a new novel every week and I’m incredibly buzzed that I know I’m walking into a classroom learning something new, whilst work-shopping current writing projects.

And with things getting busy and what I’ve been meaning to get round to buying, a year planner. I’ve finally bought one so I can actually note things down without going into a complete panic. Plus it satisfies my stationary obsession so a win-win all round!

Also, I’m super happy to say that everything’s been booked to come to Eroticon this year! At first, circumstances were that I wouldn’t be able to attend this year, as I’d not managed to save up enough. Either I had enough for a day ticket but not for travel and accommodation, or vice versa etc.

Either way, I didn’t have enough, so much to my being gutted I ruled it out until next year. Then I found out via Twitter about the Ticket Pool. I decided to submit my name and was fortunate to be one of the people drawn for a day ticket. As a result, I’m now able to come to London this year.





So to the Ticket Pool and everyone who contributed so others could be drawn for a ticket, a massive, massive thank you.

After getting in touch, my lovely sister happily agreed to come along with me! We’ve both been so busy with work and studies and she’s a keen writer as well. So as well as coming to the talks, the demos and having the opportunity to meet awesome people, it also doubles up as a sister’s girly weekend as well.

We’re both super excited and I’m really looking forward to meeting those who are also coming!

See you in March, folks! ❤


All my love,

Violet xx


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10 thoughts on “Normal People, planning and Eroticon

  1. I also get a bit cross when the newspapers and some groups are intent on labelling those who enjoy BDSM as having mental health problems or having suffered abuse in the past. I think it is their way of putting BDSM in a box with the tag – “only people that are not quite right enjoy it” – The thing that really gets me is some people who enjoy BDSM may have suffered some trauma in the past, but that fact is not necessarily the reason WHY they enjoy rough sex. We are all human and individual and have different drives and desires – I like your post.
    AND have a brilliant time at Eroticon – I got a pool ticket last year and was so happy to go – it was fab – Enjoy 😉

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I find it particularly hypocritical if it’s someone claiming to be all for sexual progression but essentially saying “But you can’t like this kind of sex” etc. As long as it’s between consenting adults, being safe and not doing anything you shouldn’t be which goes without saying, enjoy as much rough sex as you like as far as I’m concerned! I’m really happy you enjoyed the post May 😊 And thank you! Didn’t think I’d be able to get there this year so really excited to be able to! 😊 x

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