The most vivid sex dream I’ve ever had

My subconscious is a lascivious whore.

The other night, I experienced one of the most vivid sex dreams I’ve ever had. I dreamt I was hooking up with a particularly handsome gentleman, in possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid on.

So there we were, chatting and laughing and gettin’ down to business, when he suggests bringing a female friend to join us for a threesome. I accept. A very attractive blonde suddenly comes in, stark naked, and lies on the other side of the bed with him in between us.

With not a scrap of clothing on any of us, we’re in bed together kissing. I’m kissing him, running our hands up and down each other’s bodies when he turns around to kiss the blonde lady. Sharing is caring, right? I feel a slither of jealousy stab at my belly and I pull him back to kiss me. She gets jealous and pulls him back to kiss her. Turns out even in my subconscious, I don’t like sharing.

Quickly we come to a solution. Another lady suddenly shows up (honestly, I can’t make this up), what I can only describe a tall, dark haired glamazon I’d happily give my right arm to resemble. She joins Blonde while me and Gentleman focus on each other.

The two start having sex and I enjoy watching them together. We even exchange a couple of kisses in between. Any trace of jealousy has all but disappeared. Gentleman is on top of me, thrusting inside me while I’m watching Blonde and Glamazon.

At this point the scenery changes, Salvador Dali style, morphing from a wholesome cottage bedroom to an enormous, black and red decorated BDSM dungeon.

Glamazon is now using a variety of sex toys on Blonde, from a massage wand on her clitoris to thrusting a dildo inside her. Blonde is loving every second of it, as I am with Gentleman. I stay missionary, relishing every bit of his company when he then starts using a silicone massage wand on my clit as well. It feels delicious.

He switches between the wand and being inside me, before switching things up yet again. He pulls out a toy I saw Glamazon using on Blonde. One of those pussy pumps I’ve seen on sex toy websites. Except it was this weird hybrid between a pussy pump and gaping vaginal plug, the more he pumped the more stretched out I’d be.

I’m apprehensive at first, but seeing Blonde’s utter bliss when used on her I decide to give it a go. Gentleman presents a mirror hanging from the wall so I can watch. As he squeezes the pump, I feel the pleasant sensation of being stretched, like when having penetrative sex, before it’s  really gaping and becomes uncomfortable.

I tell him it hurts, which he replies that it will at first until you become accustomed to it, but if I didn’t like it we didn’t have to pump that far. I tell him I prefer the smaller pumps. He does and I watch, before he releases and my pussy goes back to normal, giving me the most the wonderful sensation. Blonde and Glamazon are still going at it like rabbits.

By which point (imagine my surprise!) two more ladies show up in the dungeon. A dark haired Mistress who from the impression I gather, owns the dungeon. She’s accompanied by her friend, another, more curvaceous blonde. Curvy Blonde is being her sub for the day and Mistress asks if want to be her sub as well for a short time. I say yes.

She leads me and Curvy Blonde from the bed to an area where all her equipment hang elegantly from the black and red walls. There is large mirror and I’m (magically) joined with Curvy Blonde in being clad with black suspender belt, with the garters holding up black stockings with red at the top, heels and nothing else.

Mistress tells me and Curvy Blonde to kneel, bowed down. I follow Curvy Blonde’s lead, facing the mirror while Mistress picks up a large leather flogger and starts using it on us. All the while, Gentleman, Blonde and Glamazon are watching.

I feel a sting of the falls as it hits my bare ass, but it feels much softer than I thought. It’s pleasant. The falls land softly on my ass and I thank her.
“Thank you, Mistress.” I say to be polite. She tells me not to call her “Mistress” as I’m not her official submissive. Unsure of what to call her, I just thank her as she continues to use the flogger. Again, it feels soft and I enjoyed the sensation. Mistress is genuinely surprised at how much I was taking, saying she was going at full hilt.

After a while, all of us are sitting down and Mistress gives me and Curvy Blonde heavy duty leather collars to wear. I like the soft leather around my neck, particularly the silver ring detail. I’ve always had a thing for chokers and my own opinions on BDSM collars aside, I thoroughly enjoy wearing it for the short time it’s on.

Curvy Blonde removes her collar and I follow suit, while we joined in with laughter and chatter with Gentleman, Blonde and Glamazon about what we enjoyed about our long night together. I’m exhausted and can feel sub drop coming on, when another curvy blonde (lots of curvy blondes in this dream!) dressed in black and wearing a headset approaches us all.

She’s the Director. The Director seems pleased and thanks us all for our time. There had been cameras all around us. Turns out we were shooting for a well-known adult movie company. I’m determined to find out more from Director, after me and Gentleman shower together, of course.

Director thanks me personally for “doing so well” on what was apparently, my first porno. She tells me how much I was getting paid (a handsome amount) and that me and Gentleman had such chemistry that we’d be working together again, if I wanted to. She asks me if I’m available for another shoot and shows me the date for when. I agree.


All my love,

Violet xx



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