Christmas Eve

My man’s sick right now. He’s currently tucked up in bed sleeping after trying to stave off a cold and bad sore throat over the last few days.

He’s worked himself into the ground over the last few weeks and it’s caught up with him. Whilst I’m nursing him back to some health with vanilla chai tea and honey and things light on the stomach, I’m getting the last of the washing sorted, and everything else in place for staying with my folks over the next few days.

In between a few passing clips of The King and I on the TV.

The cat’s taken notice of him not being well, so he’s jumped up on the bed and curled up round his leg. Can always count on this beautiful furbaby to look after us! In exchange for plenty of cuddles, of course! 😂

I’m coming down with a bit of a cold myself, which isn’t unusual this time of year. I’m dosing up on my multivitamins and Echinacea so it’ll go away!! 😂

I’m looking forward to spending the holidays with Mum and Dad. As well my sister and brother-in-law, as they’ve been ridiculously busy with work of late, so it’ll be nice to have a good catch up over the next few days. On top of boyfriend and brother-in-law spending some much needed time catching up!

Now, to shower, pack and carry on playing nurse! 😂

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas Eve!

All my love,

Violet xx

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

      1. turning20web

        Whatever vlogs I m makin’ , that’s all the low budget production… Just with the cellphone… 😂

        But, I feel that.. When I will get the good camera it will come.. Until then..
        Let at least start.. Something of vlogging… So I began…

        Doing something is better than doing nothing…
        So….vlogging just to set a tone with whatever I have.. 😄

        Have happy holidays you too.. 💟✨💟

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