Reading and enrolment

The last couple of days have been some much needed chill time and catching up on some reading, both for university and just because. I’ve been rekindling my love for Harry Potter with an old copy of Prisoner of Azkaban I found in one of my many boxes of books. The other I sold at a yard sale a few years ago, which I now regret!

I’m enrolling at the university this week for my MA. I honestly can’t believe how quickly the weeks have just flown by! I’m excited but in some ways it still hasn’t sunk in yet that it’s so soon! That’ll probably change once I get there and the work starts, no doubt!

It’s been a really nice few days (despite the awful rain we’ve been having!) with my boyfriend. He’s been so busy with work and he got a few days off, so it was lovely to spend some much needed quality time together over some takeout and a John Wick marathon (because an evening watching Keanu Reeves being a badass is an evening well spent!) xD

Also a big plus, autumn is officially here! Yayyy!!!! The cool wind, seeing the leaves turning all golden, yellow and terracotta coloured, getting in snuggly clothing instead of sweating half to death…ahh, I love it!

My blogging might be a bit sparse in the coming weeks with my beginning my MA, so just a heads up until I get more settled in and getting on with my work.

Until then, I’ll see you soon!

All my love,

Violet xx


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