Begging Me, Begging You

Would you like me to prostrate myself on the floor and beg?
Is that what you want?
To have me on my knees in front of you
Begging you to fuck me
You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Begging you to unbuckle your belt
And face fuck me while I take every inch of you
Pull my hair, slap my ass until gleaming red raw
While I cry, “Thank you, Sir!”
After every swat
Begging you growl dirty words in my ear
Make my cheeks flush as red as my ass
To bend me over your desk
While you fuck me mercilessly
Me, your ever thankful little slut
Filling me with your seed
Your hand possessively clamping over my jaw
Owning me finally
Getting what you’ve wanted for so long?
You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Not today.

I think I’ll pin my shirt a little lower
Make up my eyes a little brighter
Maybe…just maybe
Wear my skirt a little tighter
Heels a little higher
Walk with an extra sway in my hips
Every time I know you’re looking
Aloof, so unattainable
Look, but don’t touch
So close and yet so far…
I won’t be on my knees for you, honey
Until you’re on yours
Begging me


Violet Grey

©2018 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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