I want to play a game…

Yayyyy role play! *claps hands and jumps up and down on the spot*.

LOVE role play in any facet. Coming from a performance background, working in a field where I create and/or play an array of characters, if I didn’t I’d definitely be in the wrong profession!

Why do I like role play so much? Aside from the fact that it’s a whole bunch of fun, it’s like my kinky bread and butter. For me, just occasionally calling my boyfriend “Sir” in the heat of the moment is like a form of role play. Me being in a dominant or submissive role you could consider role play. It’s an extension of myself, but I’m taking on a role that I don’t in my everyday life.

Role play presents infinite possibilities to delve deep in to fantasies. You can embody a facet of yourself you don’t show the world and explore that in the safety of your own bedroom with your partner. Sometimes it can be hot, other times more a hot idea in your head, out loud it’s just hilarious!


I may have mentioned before that one of my huge fantasies is being wined and dined by some super sophisticated billionaire before been whisked away for a passionate night together. If he’s not seducing then I am!

I’ve definitely had a few fantasies I wouldn’t mind doing a little role play of. Damsel saved by some rugged, handsome gent, commoner girl and a King, sexy secretary, the dancer…God, I’m getting embarrassed just writing this!

I remember a few years back when my boyfriend was in his old job (he was in a uniform job. I won’t say what exactly for his privacy, but one girls and guys go a little crazy for!) he was getting ready to go on call and getting his gear on.

Next thing I know, he’s kissing me saying, “Want to fuck a *insert job here* while he’s on call?” Hell, didn’t have to tell me twice! It was incredibly hot and definitely one fantasy I can cross off the list! xD


Role play is definitely something I’m looking forward to trying more and having one hell of a laugh along the way. It’s just way too much fun not to do!

Just not Princess Leia. As awesome as she is, I draw the line at that bikini!

All my love,

Violet xx

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11 thoughts on “I want to play a game…

  1. While I’m not into role playing, I *love* the idea of a partner asking me if I want to fuck a (whatever their professional role is) while they’re on call or at work; that’s super hot!!!

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    1. Definitely, there’s been a few times where on paper it sounds hot but when we tried it (tried a Jane Eyre style role play where this happened) we both went, “Nope, this is just weird!” and burst out laughing! 😂


  2. Re: Princess Leia ~ One of my partners sent me a picture of Han Solo / Princess Leia in role reversal. As in, the guy is the one in the bikini. I wouldn’t wish to play either role, but I loved the premise. 🙂

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