Dreaming of discipline

I had a very interesting dream a few nights ago.

The idea of discipline during D/s play was something I was a little weary of, as you all know. One of my biggest preferences in D/s is role play. Role play in a D/s type getup is like my kinky lifeblood. For me D/s without role play is like a house without a living room.

In this dream, I dreamt of a discipline role play scene where the Dominant was asking the submissive if they were going to be good for them, whilst holding a leather paddle in their hand. The submissive was kneeling, wearing a collar with a chain lead that the Dom was holding, promising her Sir that she was going to be a good girl for him. All the while, the Dom was saying he was going to spank her over his knee with this paddle.

And I found it hot.

I know, it surprised me too.

In this scene the sub definitely enjoyed spankings, the Dom enjoyed giving them. So either way, however the scene panned out the two were going to have a whale of a time. It wasn’t where the sub had screwed up and they consensually agreed that her “punishment” would be a spanking. It was a fun role play. You all know the idea of punishment hits a nerve with me. My reasons why are in this post here.

In a role play scenario, elements of discipline is something that I found excites me. While I love all things sensual domination whether I’m the Domme or the sub, sometimes I just crave that discipline and more hard domination. I enjoy the high it gives me. Like sometimes you want the gentle lovemaking, other times you’re in the mood for rough sex; it’s the same concept.

Sometimes I want the gentle stuff like teasing sensation play. Other times my mood is, “Go crazy. Be rough with me. Pull my hair, spank me hard, make me crawl and kneel for you. Talk incredibly dirty, tie me up and just dominate the fuck out of me. Own me from top to toe.”

In that headspace, I consider myself in that submissive “role”. It’s an extension of myself, but it’s still a role. Role play enables me to be able to explore these disciplinarian fantasies I have without crossing my limits. As well as it being my D/s bread and butter in a way, role play doubles up as a bit of a safety blanket.

So turns out I’m in to the occasional discipline role play, who’d have thought it? Thank you subconscious for bringing that to my attention! 😂

All my love,

Violet xx

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