Please, tell me more…

I’m not ashamed to say I love me a good accent!

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for an American accent, particularly the South. I’ve spent many an evening reading a romance novel where the leading man is a cowboy with a heart sweeter than a bag of sugar, so all it takes is the accent and some good ol’ fashioned “cowboy manners” and I’m swooning!

I grew up in a very multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, etc. environment. I always consider this element in my upbringing to get to know, be friends with, and learn from people of all walks life a massive privilege.

There’s so much beauty in different languages and when it comes to kinks, languages and accents are huge. It’s different, it’s exciting. As well as my weakness for an American accent, being a lady with Scottish and Irish blood in me, I do love me a good Scottish/Irish accent!

I love learning languages and one day hope to be fluent in at least one other than English. Some languages I absolutely adore in particular are Spanish, Russian and Arabic. They’re gorgeous to listen to and to learn. I’ve been learning Russian on and off for a while and at the moment, can understand it by ear better than I can speak or read it.

Same with my dancing Kizomba. Kizomba originates from Angola, the music is sung mainly in either Portuguese, French and English. The people you meet at socials are from all over the world. The people I’ve met are from England, Nigeria, Syria, France, Nicaragua, China, Brazil just to name a few! It’s a melting pot of languages, so you pick up how to exchange pleasantries in at least seven languages haha!

I remember a fond memory being back when I was in high school. I had a huge crush on a Lithuanian boy who was in the year above and whom I was good friends with. Aside from him being handsome and a lovely guy, he had the most wonderful, deep voiced accent and I could have listened to him all day!

Another was a good university friend. He was British born from a Yemeni family and is fluent in both English and Arabic. He had to speak Arabic for a role he was playing in a show that I went to see.

A week before the show, he showed me how to say his lines in Arabic when the phonetics in the script had written it differently to how it was spoken. He spoke Arabic beautifully and again, I could have listened to it all day. Admittedly, it was a contributing factor to me developing a bit of a crush on him at the time.

So yeah, my weakness is definitely languages and accents. If I find out a man can speak another language to some degree, I find it incredibly hot. Automatically, I want to hear more. Either that, or I’m envious I can’t speak fluently, so I can hold a conversation so I can hear more!

To me it shows intelligence (and intelligence is hella sexy! Talk nerdy to me, baby!) culture and another interesting facet of a multifaceted person.

It’s an all-rounder for me concerning people and accents. By that, I mean while an accent or language is an attractive trait, it’s how that person carries themselves, their personality etc. that attracts me. The final cherry on top of my horny little self is a sexy as hell accent or being bi/multilingual.

*Fans self* Phwoo! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? *Hears gruffly spoken Spanish…faints*

All my love,

Violet xx


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14 thoughts on “Please, tell me more…

  1. collaredmichael

    I would like to speak Spanish too. We often seem to be in Spanish speaking countries. I do have a weird habit/foible??—and that is I start to talk with accents when I’m in such countries. French or Spanish accents or even English accents if they speak English differently than me. It’s unconscious on my part and my Queen gets annoyed. So I try to avoid doing it but inevitably I forget and it happens. 😜

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    1. Haha that’s great! xD I have a few friends like that who pick up the accents in wherever they are very quickly.
      Apparently I have a couple of twangs in my accent that I don’t recognise I do. Once a girl at a former workplace asked me if I was Australian and another asked me if I was Irish. I’ve been to neither country yet lol! xD x

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  2. turning20web

    Spanish! My favorite too..
    I fell in love with that language because of shakira..
    There was a movie in Bollywood called “zindagi na milegi dobara” in that movie the four friend go to Spain for celebrating bachelor party..
    Spain looks amazing..
    You can practice some in the dualingo app..

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  3. I am completely with you about intelligence being sexy and speaking another language definitely does tick that box. Lovely to see you joining in with Kink of the Week and I hope to read more from you on future topics


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