Is D/s my life?

Having read and Furcissy’s posts on this recently, along with Naughty Nora’s and most recently Sayyidsgirl’s post, I found them incredibly interesting and wanted to put in my two penny’s worth as well.

D/s isn’t my life, but it’s a part of it. While I may not live and breath it 24/7, it’s something I’m very happy is there.

Why do I like D/s? Like Nora said in her post: I just do. It resonates deep in my bones. I like the power exchange, I like the naughtiness of it that makes me giggle. But in means of going in to the deep routed psychological reasons of why I like it? I honestly couldn’t tell you. All I know is I like it, it’s fun and I wouldn’t be me without it.

But for the last few months, I suppose it has been my life. I dived in head first with the research, the thinking, the posting, fully embracing my kinkiness that at one point it was almost like the “frenzy” many talk about. That’s since ran its course and I’ve been able to see things more clearly since mine and my partner’s first little go at kinky role play (yes, we actually did it!! It was soooo good!).

My partner is a man who when it comes to D/s, he can take it or leave it. It’s not something he has to have in his life but he does enjoy it. With me, I definitely need it in my life, but only in small doses. I need to have that balance between vanilla and kinky. My partner has been very open-minded about me wanting to explore with him and we’ve both found out a few things about ourselves along the way, along with a good giggle of course!

For me, D/s is that little fantasy land where I can indulge in fantasies and then go back to being regular ol’ Violet. When I indulge that, I feel completely myself after neglecting and repressing it for so long. I don’t think I’d appreciate it as much if it was a 24/7 arrangement, aside from neither of us wanting that.

D/s is that special little place where I can indulge, explore, have lots of kinky fun and then go back to normal life. So it’s balanced but also really exciting, like a naughty little secret between me and my man.

So while D/s isn’t “my life” as such, it’s one of the many facets that make up my life.


All my love,

Violet xx


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7 thoughts on “Is D/s my life?

  1. porngirl3

    It’s so beautiful to have a partner to share it with. This way you have built it into something that suits you both. That is the best D/s dynamic possible. Happiness and joy shared between intimacy and laughter. Can’t beat that!! ❤️

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