Throwing labels out the window

Ah labels. Labels labels labels. Though certain labels have helped me over the last few months i.e. switch, as a point of reference, I'll happily hold my hands up and say as a newbie, I well and truly fell head first in to the label trap. I suppose to find a name for a feeling …

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Never neglect the romance

Fantastically written post by Alpha on romance in a D/s relationship ❤


ALPHA & kat

Doms that don’t make time or put forth the effort to keep romance alive in their D/s relationships eventually rue the day they stopped.

I’ve been involved in D/s a long time. And I’ve noticed that both fledgling and experienced Doms can succumb to this neglectful and negative practice.

Fledgling Doms—of any age, not just the young—often go thru periods of Dom-frenzy. Their sex-life has never been better and they want to experience it all. After all, they simply have to demand it from their sub and she obeys. So, why waste time on romance?

The experienced Doms that eventually fall into the no romance trap usually do so because of stagnation: the exact opposite (or 180-degrees) of Dom-frenzy. Their relationships are stuck in a rut, going nowhere. Just the same old thing on a different day.

Any relationship can get dusty or rusty if it is not maintained. Remind…

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