Fluffy socks and kitty cuddles

Looks like the snow is back for round 2! I had some plans to meet a friend to go to a farmer’s market tomorrow, but at this rate from the heavy snow outside we’ll probably have to rearrange. Luckily oversized wool cardigans, Echinacea (I’ve got the beginnings of a cold. Nooooo!!) and fluffy socks are here to save the day! 😂

So I’m cosied up with a nice cup of tea getting on with some writing (managed to get past a major block in a story I was having difficulty with. Boy, does it feel good when that happens! 😂)

That as well as having lots of cuddles with my little ginger fluff ball. Honestly, he’s one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever met.

He’s currently curled up by my feet, bless him! So until my gorgeous Mr. gets home from work, he’s man of the house right now! 😂

All my love,

Violet xx

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