Answering your questions – collaredmichael

Following the questions from sayyidsgirl, I received some questions from collaredmichael 🙂

I’m curious too. Some of your stories feature male dominants and others feature female?? Where do you see yourself? What kinks have you discovered that you really enjoy? And what are you just itching to try??

From a writing standpoint, I want to try and be as versatile as I can when writing my stories. Exploring each character’s traits, quirks and plotlines to form a story. If I wrote the same themes all the time after a while it would get a bit tedious. I like to switch things up.

Also, as many of my readers of from different backgrounds and walks of life, each having their own preferences in romance, D/s, kinks etc. I wanted to provide stories and snippets that had something for everyone, rather than just one demographic under the umbrella.

At the moment, I see myself as a switch who is currently more submissive. I remember taking that quiz a while back out of plain curiosity. Switch was right at the top with vanilla a very close second (no surprises there haha!) Hence my “vanilla with sprinkles” joke. *clears throat* I’ll see myself out…

My biggest, and earliest kink, is the power exchange. Two people consensually enacting that, one being more dominant, the other more submissive. Being a switch, I can go either way. To me, dominance shows a confidence and control that is sexy. Submission shows a confidence, albeit in a different way, and freeing feeling, putting your trust in someone else, that is also sexy.

A close second being bondage. Again, it’s that exchange of power. Shibari, when I found out what it was, thoroughly interested me. BDSM culture aside, the art and sheer amount of work that goes in to the patterns and ties is insane. On an artistic front alone, you can appreciate it.

I’d never thought I’d hear myself say this, but erotic spanking is something I found to be a big kink as well. I was dead against the whole “over the knee” concept at first. Boy, was I wrong! 😉

As a sub, like I mentioned in my rambling musings, I prefer the more gentle kind of Dom. As bluebird perfectly summed it up in one of her latest labels posts: Like a Daddy Dom only without the “Daddy”, as neither of us are in to regressive age play. I like to stay my own age and much prefer “Sir”, but that’s just me.

Stuff to try? I really would like to learn Shibari ties. D/s aside, that looks pretty darn awesome to learn! I’m also curious about a light flogger and perhaps a soft paddle. I may like them, I may not. You never know until you try I suppose! But at the moment, my biggest thing is the actual power exchange, with me as the submissive. That in and of itself is enough to make me go all warm, fuzzy and giggly lol


Thanks ever so much for your questions, Michael! 🙂 Hopefully these answers are more clear than in my little rambles haha!

If you’d like to send me a question/s, feel free to leave a comment below or via my contact page.

All my love,

Violet xx




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