Answering your questions – sayyidsgirl

I received a great series of questions from the lovely sayyidsgirl.They really got me thinking and challenged me wonderfully, so apologies in advance, this post may be a long one! 😂

I think you’ve said you’re not actively doing d/s in your life, is that correct? So what interests you about it? What do you most identify as, sub, Dom or switch if you were to do it? Do you think it will be a part of your future?

Yes, you are correct. I’m not actively in a D/s relationship. That being said, we have experimented with certain types of play and I’m certainly down for venturing and trying new things. At the moment, I’ve only just started to dip the tip of my toe in to the vast ocean that is D/s. So, I prefer to read up and research like hell before considering trying something. I don’t wish to run before I can walk.

Dominance and submission is something that is just very much in my nature. Even before I found out there was a name for it, it’s that exchange of power between two people that really sets my heart racing. Knowing what that person wants and being able to give that to them, tease it, not knowing what’s coming next etc. either as the Domme or sub, is incredibly exciting to me.

Also, the psychology behind D/s etc. is fascinating (this is the nerd in me coming out! 😂)

If I was to delve deeper in to D/s, honestly with being a switch it would depend how I felt at that time. But right now, I’m feeling more submissive and would choose to take that role 😊 I suppose for me that’s the excitement of being a switch. One minute I can be revelling in the joy of submission, the next week Domme me is out guns blazing 😂

Whether or not it will be part of my future, I really don’t know. A 24/7 arrangement isn’t something I think would be compatible with my lifestyle, so maybe limit to bedroom or a few hours a day/week. Then again, 5, 10, 20 years down the line, who knows?

I’d like it to be a part of my future to some degree, but at the moment I’m just taking it step by baby step and hanging on for the adventure 😊



Thanks so much for these questions, I thoroughly enjoyed answering them! 😊

If anyone else would like to ask any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or through my contact page

All my love,

Violet xx

9 thoughts on “Answering your questions – sayyidsgirl

    1. Thanks! 😀 I might be in the researching camp for a while yet haha! 😂
      Yeah I only just came across some judgement towards switches recently. I never understood it personally, I just see it as the best of both worlds haha 😂 x

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      1. I don’t either. Although I will say for me if I spend too much time in a sub mindset, especially in deep, I’d i give too much of myself to that, I weaken myself as a Domme. If I can just, say, bottom for a bit it’s ok.
        Being a bottom is different then being a sub. I learned that.

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      2. I’ve looked very briefly at top/bottom, it’s on my list of stuff to look at! xD See I’m a bit like an elastic band on that front (sounds a bit silly, I know xD) I’m used to spending x amount of time feeling more dominant, then springing over to feeling more submissive then back again. It’s interesting talking about deep mindsets I’m yet to really experience 🙂 x

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  1. collaredmichael

    I’m merely curious. I left a comment on the Q/A post and it is no longer there. Did you remove it or has WordPress done something funky? No worries about it, I’m just curious!

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