Hi all! I’ve got another teaser for you for my book, Bound. Enjoy! 😘

“Do you know why I called on you, my love?”
Rose shook her head meekly, fighting the urge to let her eyes wander down the granite contours of his chest, to the Celtic tattoos that ran up his left arm and over his shoulder.

“No Sir.” Rose muttered.

Sir relaxed back in to his armchair, observing her intently as she knelt before him.
“You’ve been very good to me of late,” he said as he brushed a strong hand through his shining, dark hair, “I’d even go as far to say exemplary.”

A small smile graced Rose’s lips. Over the last few weeks, she had fully thrown herself in to her submission and she had loved every moment of it. To be praised by the one person who mattered to her made her heart swell warmly.

“Thank you, Sir.” She bowed her head.

As he leaned forward, he reached out to her, stroking his hand over her lustrous curls. His piercing eyes darkened as they flitted over her face, down her body as she surrendered to his touch, nuzzling her head in his palm with her eyes closed. His chest tightened. She looked absolutely beautiful.

“Because of this,” Sir’s deep voice ran smoothly down her spine, “I want to reward you. Really reward you.”
Rose’s eyes opened to meet his.


A dark, mischievous glint flashed in his eyes and his handsome face split in to a wicked grin. Rose’s stomach flipped. What had he got planned for her?
Suddenly, Sir rose from his seat and head to the majestic staircase as Rose remained kneeling. When he turned around, he offered her his hand with the same wicked grin on his face.

“Come with me.”

Ooooohhh!! I wonder what happens next? 😉

Enjoy Bound, a collection of erotic and romantic short stories and free verses, soon to be available on Amazon! 😘

All my love,

Violet xx

*Picture – Pinterest

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