My boyfriend: How we met

EDIT NOTE: This is a rejigged version of a post on my previous website. 

I met the gorgeous man that is my boyfriend almost three years ago, when my older and only sister was getting married. I was bridesmaid, he was best man to my now brother-in-law.

I first saw him actually when I was still in my teens. My family and brother-in-law’s family had gathered in a local pub to see in the New Year, and as well, my brother-in-law brought along some of his best friends. He was one of them.

I never spoke to him, but remember thinking he seemed like a nice guy and couldn’t help but think him quite cute.

That being said, we never properly met and spoke to each other until many years later, when my sister was getting married to his best friend. At that time, I was 20, soon to turn 21 and fresh out of university three weeks before. My sister told me with the wedding coming up, he was wanting to learn how to dance for the occasion. At the time, I was regularly attending latin dance socials in the nightclubs around my city, so she offered for him to go with me to pick up a few steps.

Before any dancing happened, I wanted to sit down and talk to him (latin isn’t for everyone, so I wanted to make sure he was ok with it). So my sister, brother-in-law and me met at a local bar, inviting the best man for a drink with us. I recognised him immediately but noticed he had matured with the years. His hair was shorter, his frame more muscular and was taller.

Honestly, my first thought when I first saw him?

“Yep, he’s still as cute as I remember him!”

Like I said before in my Ramblings: Dating someone older post, we were both a little shy at first (meeting someone properly for the first time, you’re bound to be a little) but once we started really talking to each other, I found we were really getting along. Something just clicked and I just knew deep down he would be important to me in some way. As a good friend or something more than that, I didn’t know. But I just knew.

We met up a few times before dancing to get to know each other a little better. I took him to the club where the lessons were so he could watch before actually going. We had a little indoor picnic in our city centre at a public indoor gardens and went to see a film. I enjoyed his company and slowly realised in my gut I knew I really liked him.

But I was a little scared to take things further. The only relationship I had ever had at that point only lasted two months and I left after my now ex became emotionally abusive. Even when you’ve met someone special, taking that leap of faith after so long being very guarded because of said abuse can be terrifying.

To cut a long story short, I’m very happy to say I’ve since moved forward in my life and the effects of that abuse no longer affects me. 🙂

But the night we went dancing, I took that leap of faith and it was the best thing I ever did. The class went ahead as normal, and we danced together as we learned the steps and followed the teacher. Being with him just felt so right. I felt comfortable with him, I could be myself around him and most importantly, I knew I was safe with him.

We danced, we sat, we had drinks (soft drinks for me, I don’t drink and he very rarely does) talked and laughed together. Dancing turned in to a cuddle, a cuddle turned in to our first kiss.

And the rest, they say, is history!

Impending soppiness alert!

Just want to say a massive thank you to this man in my life, for being my rock, making me laugh (even when you do drive me round the bend at times! xD 😉 ) and showing me a love I never thought possible. Your love means the world to me and I love you dearly ❤

P.S. You look damn hot in your suit, you handsome devil! 😉


All my love,
Violet xx


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