Valentines night off

Tonight me and J would normally be rehearsing, but with our consecutive open mics this week we’re taking tonight off and having a super long rehearsal tomorrow.

Not only that, but it gives us time to spend Valentine’s with our respective other halves.

Normally, me and my boyfriend don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day. We’re in the “every day’s special” camp, but if you are super in to it, great! No judgement here, do what makes you happy! 😀

I personally like Valentine’s Day and it’s great there’s a day to celebrate all things love related but I don’t buy in to the over hyped, commercialised side of it. I don’t like the message of “If he/she doesn’t get you this…it means they don’t love you” that the hype sells. I think it’s absolute rubbish.

So anyway, we don’t really do anything for the reasons I mentioned before. That being said, when he picked me up today (he’s got the day off work) he surprised me with a card and some of my favourite chocolate.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” He says and places it in my lap.

“Babe, I thought we weren’t doing anything for today!” I said as I thanked him.

“Yeah,” he flashed me that cheeky smile and gave me a kiss, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t get you something.”

I admit, I melted a little inside as it was a really sweet thing to do and amused, rolled my eyes a little as I thanked him again for the gift (needless to say I paid him back with lots of kisses lol).

We agree that we don’t do anything for certain holidays…but he still does them anyway like the sweetie he is! 😂

It’s been a really good, chilled out day. We ordered in some curry and watched Altered Carbon on Netflix (only on episode 2, but we’re hooked already!) just enjoying each other’s company. It’s been lovely 😊.

On the work front, it feels nice to recuperate a little, then get back on it tomorrow in prep for Saturday.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s or not, hope you’re all having a great day! 😘

All my love,

Violet xx

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