Do Not Disturb

Door locks, signs slides on
‘Do Not Disturb’, just you and me
Hot-blooded eyes aflame
Above the roaring in my ears

As I slowly slide your suit jacket
Off your shoulders
Falling to the soft carpet
Stepping back, your eyes never leave mine

Unzipping my dress, slipping to the floor
Revealing to you, stockings and garters
Fine lace black lingerie underneath
Your chest shudders in a shaky breath

Sweetly teasing your rising heat
One by one, shirt buttons undone
Slowly drawing your zipper down
And descending to my knees…

Breath sucks sharp
Lips daintily kiss your swollen head
Hands rest on the floor between my thighs
Taking your hardened flesh deeper

Sucking agonisingly slow
Savouring every part of you
While you tense and groan
Shaking, jerking, baritone hushed breaths

Pushing your hips deeper
I watch you watch our reflection in the mirror
Eyes hooded, enjoying the view
Running my tongue up and down you

Your silken flesh grows even harder
Titillating kisses and muffled moans drive you wild
Tasting you hungrily
Subservient yet dominant

Fisting hands in my hair, thrusting faster
Your passion overflows to my needing moans
Rough shouts, you tense and still
Releasing in to me

I relish in your pleasure and sinful eyes lock
Dark hair ruffled, cheeks aglow, brow glistening
Chest panting, gaze molten
As you watch me happily take what you’ve given…

Violet Grey
Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet
All Rights Reserved.
*Picture – Pinterest

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