Trembling under him, lustful whimpers escape her lips
Strong hands clamped around her thighs
He kisses her gently, tongue slowly circling
Teasing and stroking her sweet centre
For a blissful eternity

Her pleasure a glorious sight
Naked as Eve, ready for him
Tight body writhing, back arching
Breasts full and swollen
Softly tugging the ribbon restraints above her head

Calling out his name like a scared prayer
A low chuckle growls in his chest
“Is this what you like, sweetheart?”
His gruff, Southern accent sending shivers down her spine
Crawling up, hovering above her

Moss green eyes burning hot with desire, desire for her
“Yes…” she breathes though hooded eyes
Fingers tilt up her chin, full lips whisper against hers
“Yes what?”

Tingling from head to toe
Skin prickling, stroking over naked curves
Lips denying her that wanting kiss
Teasing her, sweet torture threatening to undo her again
“Yes, Sir…” she breathes against his lips

Green eyes shine
Hand finds her sensitive core again
Over sweet folds, his fingers caress
She gasps and arches for him serene
He grins wickedly

“Good girl.”



Violet Grey

Copyright, 2017 – Life of Violet

All Rights Reserved.

*Picture – Pinterest

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