So I figured out why my last site wasn’t working…

Ahh technology…It can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

So for those of you who followed my previous website, some of you were having trouble accessing my posts, saying it was coming up as deleted when it was in fact, still up and running.

As you know, I have since deleted this site and created this one, as there was literally nothing I could find from support or any forums to fix the problem. None, nada, zilch.

I found an old comment I left on another blog and decided to click on it, to see what would happen. Sure enough, it said the site had been deleted.

But then I saw something.

The website address was wrong.

In my last site (part of the WordPress free plan) it had “web” in the title i.e. etc.

However, when I clicked on the link, it took me to the link of an old blog site I had created with the same name, only with “site” in the title.

The “site” link was my first attempt at Life of Violet but after making a total hash of the layout, I deleted the site and created my blog, the one with “web” in the title.

But for some reason (ahh, glorious technology -_-) the link on my username was taking readers to a site that was deleted before it even began! Arrgghh! Bit of a headache to say the least!

But all is well now (I hope at least haha!) so hopefully you lovely ladies and gents will be able to access my posts if you want to 🙂

Happy reading, folks!


All my love,

Violet xx




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